Our proposals

Terapia di Coppia .NET

wants to be a concrete reference to support couples.
For this purpose we use the pillars of Gestalt Therapy approach, in different settings that are based on our professional and personal experience.

How to Start

One of the first obstacles encountered in undertaking a course of couples therapy is the belief that working on a plan can result in a great deal of intimate suffering, or of dramatic changes. On the contrary, our belief is that starting couple's therapy does not mean to declare the relationship is a failure. We believe the need for change is the base for continuous growth and evolution, both for individuals and couples, aimed solely at a greater well-being, through the 'acquisition of new communication tools, awareness, and ways of relating.

Here we have summarized the main activities we offer.
This is only introductory information, we invite you to learn more by consulting the specific pages and articles you can find on this site, or by contacting us directly for a consultation meeting.

The work

Here is a brief introduction to different ways we work with couples.


The couples therapy is provided with a minimum of 8-10 sessions, that are required in order to focus on the main aspects where the contact is hampered.
The therapist offers tools to increase awareness about the relationship, and encourages experimentation with new communication skills. It may be required to attend individual sessions in order to deepen the personal issues that influence the couple's relationship.


The porpose of these meetings is to orient the couple about various issues. It is possible to ask the therapist about specific questions or investigate particular problems related to the relational experience. A course of treatment is often suggested.
However counseling can be extremely useful in order to verify the actual need, or point out some problematic current elements.


By creating these therapeutic groups we would like to use the particular emotional and relational structure that is determined in group therapy, applying it to the couple's relationship. The work is normally performed by a couple who works with the therapist, for a session of about 40 minutes, confronting the issues or problems that emerge in the present. This is followed by feedback from members of the group, in order to raise awareness of the emotional experience that the work has attracted, and giving the opportunity to open a broader comparison with other couples.
Sometimes group participants may be requested to attend supplementary sessions of individual therapy, to process emotional experiences and personal relationships, which have no place in a group setting.


These are intensive therapeutic groups lasting two days. They are similar to the therapeutic groups that we have already described, but in addition to that these groups are led in a special environment, away from the rhythm of daily life, usually in the countryside and in contact with nature. Under these conditions, inner calmness and tranquility are possible. Therapy can be more affective and amplified by a more significant relationship with the other participants. All these factors help to push and accelerate the process, beyond the normal rhythms of the usual therapy.

Not only couples

Our work is not only dedicated to those who want to start a "journey" as a couple. We consider it extremely useful to work with those people who currently do not live in a stable relationship, or those who still want to raise awareness about their way of dealing with relationships. This allows one to develop a greater ability to relate to others in an authentic manner and in accordance with their own and others' individuality.